Meet Camrie

My name is Camrie Caruso. I am a 24-year-old, third generation drag racer from Fairport, New York. The passion, determination, and persistence that I have for racing will help me achieve my dreams of being a professional race car driver. I began at 8 years old in the NHRA Junior Dragster League and haven’t stopped moving up through the classes since. I know with hard work I have what it takes to earn championships and win national events as well as representing the companies that support me at the very highest regard. I have recently taken a position from Titan Racing Engines and it has been an amazing opportunity. I believe in chasing your dreams because you need to go after what you want; it will not be handed to you. I feel as being different from society's idea of a 23-year-old girl helps me because it sets me apart from everyone else. As I build my racing career it is important to me to be a role model to anyone who watches me. I also work with Right Trailers on their marketing team, handling all sponsorship requests and race trailers.